35 Bahamian Tings to Give Thanks For

Here at Morley Realty Ltd. we are grateful for many things, this year we would like highlight unique things about the Bahamas that sometimes go unnoticed.

We are grateful for:

  1. Rich history of the Bahamas such as its architectural buildings, statues and monuments.
  2. The friendly people, great tropical conch salad, beautiful beaches and clear crystal waters to swim in.
  3. The creativeness and talent of our people that has earned us worldwide exposure.
  4. Living in a “vacation destination”
  5. Family, friends and job
  6. Sense of community and the way in which we come together in times of adversity.
  7. Relaxing vacations and get-aways to the Out Islands
  8. Hurricane season to be over and that during Hurricane Matthew there was no lives lost.
  9. Because “no matter where I roam The Bahamas will always be my home”
  10. The sun, sand and sea
  11. Not having to shovel snow and that there are no extremes in our weather.
  12. Rush-hour traffic overlooking the gorgeous blue and turquoise waters of The Bahamas.
  13. Our family islands, each unique but yet so special.
  14. Crab n’ Rice and Conch Chowder
  15. Family beach days at Cabbage Beach and Rose Island
  16. Cool nights and balmy days of our “winter” season.
  17. Ability to island hop.
  18. Eating fresh Wahoo or Grouper after hours of fishing for them
  19. The end of the hurricane season and everything getting back to normal
  20. The most beautiful beaches in the world
  21. Junkanoo!!
  22. Our pace of life to appreciate family and friends island style
  23. Life, health, love and precious memories
  24. Awesome Bahamian seafood at the Poop Deck overlooking the scenic Nassau Harbor
  25. The many visitors who come to enjoy our islands with family and friends
  26. The wonderful community life and living with people who care for you at all times.
  27. The unique island style of the Out Islands- straw, bright colors, pink sand, sun bleached shells
  28. The replenishment of treasures (shells, fish, beaches and plants) of the beautiful Exumas, so that if you got back two day in a row you will find new things.
  29. Our balmy white-sanded Christmas
  30. Beautiful weather all year round, clear blue waters and sandy beaches
  31. Being able to swim year-round in the ocean.
  32. The sun that graces us majority of the year, on both very humid days with little island breeze, and during our brisk wintery days.
  33. Fresh and tasty conch salad at Arawak Cay
  34. The size of our population, so it’s possible that if you don’t know someone, you probably know someone they know.
  35. Smiles from the people at the straw market when you tell them you are local.


We hope you and your family have a food, family and love filled Thanksgiving, from our family to yours, gratitudes and giving thanks.

signturePhoto by Emily Morley



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