April’s Word of the Month

When public bus rides were first introduced, they cost a nickel.   At the time, jitney was the slang word for nickel, and soon everyone was calling the bus a jitney.

Everyone from tourists to school children can be seen on the jitneys that travel through New Providence.   Although each jitney has defined routes and stops as determined by the Road Traffic Department, sympathetic drivers will often stop when passengers see a friend walking, or missed the scheduled stop, or need to just rush in and drop something somewhere and then get back on the bus.   Passengers usually don’t mind because you never know when you might need a favor like this yourself.

The number on the back of the bus determines where it’s scheduled to go. Check out Road Traffic’s list of numbers and their corresponding routes in this link.     For a little island experience, next time try a jitney!

Nassau Jitney Routes





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