Conch Salad

Once you settle into your Bahamas home, you’ll want to start enjoying a dish every Bahamian loves, conch salad.   Conch salad is a combination of raw conch and vegetables marinated in freshly squeezed citrus juice that is both tangy and refreshing.   Whethera8f2f599aa94ae3ee6c6ee1ecb318fca you live in the capital or the furthest reaches of an out island, conch salad in the Bahamas is both a treat and a staple.


Even though the conch is raw, marinating in lime juice “cooks” and tenderizes the conch as well as adding that tangy flavor.

Ingredients include but are not limited to:


Yellow Onion

Bell Pepper


To make the juice:

Key limes

Orange Juice



Goat Pepper51138800_hires

To make it more tropical add these island fruits:




If you’re lucky enough to work in an office building like One Marina Drive on Paradise Island, you can cross the bridge to Potter’s Cay Dock and have a tasty conch salad in hand in less than fifteen minutes!


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