December’s Word of the Month

We have a unique way of communicating with each other in the Bahamas, our main language being English, twisted up with a bit of island speak that can change from island to island.   The phrases and slang that we use come from the many nationalities and cultures that are rooted in the Bahamas, some older than our country, and we keep adding new ones all the time.

Our word this month is Sip-sip, one every Bahamian recognizes. Sip-sip is slang for gossip.   Before everyone had a phone, What’s App, Facebook, and other social media, gossip, or the gentler sounding “news”,  was shared person to person, at the fish market, docks, domino board, or while plaiting straw hats,  before and after church services and socials, really anytime and anywhere.   It’s no different in the modern age. We still discuss, disagree, confirm and deny it all today, just like in the past.

Word travels fast when sip-sip starts island hopping like a traveler who can’t see enough. Don’t judge us harshly because you think sip-sip is negative, it’s also an effective way to spread facts, awareness and behind the news facts through the Bahamian grapevine.

Most recently the word sip-sip has become synonymouSipSip.jpgs with great eating because of a Harbour Island hotspot of the same name. Known for its delicious lobster quesadilla, this eatery also has beautiful pink sand beach views. Established in 2002, Sip Sip  is a bright lime green building with blue shutters and is a must visit on Harbour Island. Owner and Chef Julie Lightbourn (an old family-friend of the Morley’s) is the definition of island hostess with great food and an even more welcoming smile.

The menu changes daily with the fishing seasons and mail boat food deliveries, but the atmosphere is a constant -pure beach paradise. The kitchen runs on respectable island time, open five days a week for five hours. On any day, Sip- Sip brings both locals and foreigners together through its’ island cheer, fabulous food and fun drinks.   Julie has created a delightful spot to sit, enjoy the view, food and company, AND catch up on the latest sip-sip.




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