Do You Have a Lifestyle Property?

You Might!

One of the questions your real estate agent may ask you when they list your property is; what did you like most about your house?   If you can take a minute and think about more than just the hardware of your house but really try and remember all the activities and fun that were a big part of your life in your home, you may have a lifestyle property.


What does that mean, lifestyle property? Simply, it means a property that is perfect for a way of life or living.   Traditionally, it speaks to immediate amenities. For instance, if your home were located on a golf course or by a tennis court, it would be perfect for people who enjoyed golf and tennis as a major activity in their life, year round.   Or if your home had a dock that would certainly attract people who enjoy the water and would like to have their own boat right in their back yard.

Napa Valley vineyard at sunset

However, just because you don’t have a golf course or a dock, doesn’t mean you don’t have a lifestyle property. A home with a large well-appointed kitchen and spacious dining room, or a patio and garden around a pool, or a beautiful back yard might be a home that was the sight of endless family get togethers and entertaining with neighbors and friends.    Opening your home to others and enjoying cooking and entertaining IS a lifestyle for many people. It’s what they do every weekend, holiday, and anytime they can. They get a lot of pleasure out of it, so they do it often.   That is their lifestyle, their way of living, and your home could be their dream come true.

If you’d like to list your home, call us and give us your top five likes about the life you enjoyed while in your home.   We’ll be glad to find just the right buyer who will enjoy your home as much as you did.


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