Driftwood Finds

It’s said that we have 700 islands in the Bahamas but no one has every counted how many beaches we have.   The more deserted the beach, the more likely a beachcomber is to find an endless variety of material for this month’s Mailboat Must-Have; driftwood.

Whether its frames, lamps, figurines, furniture, wind chimes, or just a sculptural piece kept for its interesting shape, driftwood items adorn homes throughout the Bahamas.

Whether you want to make your own or purchase for a gift, these naturally sun kissed and salt treated treasures are a perfect reminder of our beautiful Bahamian shores.

Driftwood framed mirrors: Driftwood Mirrors by Shelly Lightbourn. Shelly collects driftwood throughout the Bahamas and patiently puts together each frame around her handcrafted treasures.



Driftwood Gifts: Visit Bahamas Art and Handicraft on Shirley Street for creative driftwood decorations, furniture and gifts.


Holiday Remembrances: Craft your own creative sculptures from beach finds on your next Out Island holiday. Guess which Morley Realty member did this beach bird.


Get Started: Here are a few more ideas to unleash your creativity on this month’s Mailboat Must-Have Driftwood. Enjoy!

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