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William Sayles was looking for Bahamas real estate when travelling to find freedom in 1648 from Bermuda. He was far from alone. The group of 70 he travelled with called themselves Eleutherians, after the ancient Greek word for liberty. They landed on the northern tip of an island, claiming the island chains for Britain. Originally occupied by Lucayans, and called Segatoo, the 110 mile long island now bears the name of Eleuthera, a nod to those original intrepid travellers.


Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera’s mid-island settlement

Sayles would hardly recognize the deserted beauty he originally landed on as small settlements and communities now hug the coasts of this popular Bahamian beauty.

Eleuthera is best  known in the Bahamas  for its pineapples, a traditional symbol of welcome throughout the world. Islanders claim that theirs are the sweetest to be found anywhere.

Become your own Eleutheran Adventurer by checking out this vacant land for sale on the north side of Eleuthera. Eleuthera is known for it’s unique culture and island getaway feel, stretching from the north all the way down to the south tip of the island.   Whether you enjoy the pink sand chic of Harbour Island or the quaint colonial style homes of Governor’s Harbour, this Bahamian island is getaway perfect.


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