Wednesday Wisdom: Exclusives

Why contract with a real estate agent to exclusively sell your property?   After all, if you just gave it to more agents, at different firms, wouldn’t it be more likely to sell?    Actually, when you exclusively list your property with one agent at one firm, you are relieving yourself of managing the selling of your property and giving it a higher likelihood of selling.

One agent at one firm will be the go to for all inquiries and showings on your property.   You will have to only answer one inquiry one time with your agent and they will be the one who acts as a liaison between you and all other agents and potential buyers.   You’ll get the questions from them, the offers from them; everything will be funneled through them.  They will tell you what’s working and what’s not working.

That agent, your listing agent, will be gathering all the information and feedback for you on your property from everyone who sees it.   He’ll keep updated on your preferences for showing, like no Sundays, or dinner time, and any other particulars, and will be able to advise other agents. Also, when the agent exclusively lists your property on the Bahamas Multiple Listing Service, the information will be fed into real estate web sites all over the Bahamas, but your agent will be the one every agent calls. Although the other agencies have your property advertised on their site, they are acting as sub agents for your agent and working to sell your property.   It’s all about collaborating.

Does it cost you more? No. Your agent will divide his fee with the cooperating agent as per a prearranged split listed on the Agent Only side of the Bahamas Multiple Listing Service property information. You don’t have to worry about any of that. Exclusively listed properties on the MLS are a way for your property to be marketed by every firm in town, while you are able to choose the one real estate agent that you like and trust.

If you’ve never listed your property exclusively with an agent, or you’re selling, but no one has ever mentioned it, sit down with a real estate professional now and find out why this is one of the most strategic things you can do to sell your property.  You will be glad you did.






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