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Rumor has it that because The Bahamas is primarily made up limestone that there is little to no farming done.  Not true!   These farms are proving that you can grow and showcase the Bahamian sun’s best seasonal produce.   Here are some of our Bahamian farm favorites:


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  1. Field to Fork Community Farm

Located on Blake Road and only open on Saturday, this family-owned and run farm is all about organic produce. Their main focus is making sure that their produce is the best it can be, while staying true to the organic mantra. Not only do they farm local vegetables that thrive here, they’ve also introduced a few less familiar veggies, widening our green choices and educating us on delicious options. They also generously give workshops for farmers and home gardeners, and a definite plus, they are kid friendly. You can visit their farm for greens on Saturday see them at The Island House Farmer’s Market happening most Saturday’s during the growing season, starting at 9am.


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  1. Chiccharney Farms

Founded in 2013 and located on Carmichael Road, Chiccharney Farms is known for more than just their seasonal produce. Their tagline is “Bahamian Grown, Bahamian Owned”, and their focus is on everything green under the Bahamian sun. Chiccharney Farms, in addition to their supply of fresh produce, also has a Ready to Eat Salad Store, Bath & Body Products, island jams, preserves, sauces and oils. They put their energy into all aspects of Bahamian Agriculture, including Youth and Training Workshops.

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  1. Goodfellow Farms

Goodfellow Farms is Nassau’s grandparent of organic growing, one of the first!   Not only can you buy their freshly grown herbs, salad greens, and vegetables, but their kitchen turns out fresh take out options from pestos to dinners.   You can also dine in at their popular open air farm chic restaurant. The menu changes according to what’s seasonally available.    Open from Tuesday through Saturday (8am-4pm), this fabulous family farm is a must visit for fresh greens and great food. Pick up your just picked organic greens and herbs at their Country Store, in addition to desserts, fresh made bread and select imported meats, fish, and cheeses.   They also deliver greens and produce orders to airports, marinas, and other restaurants, spreading the organic goodness throughout the islands.

It’s a bonus for all of us islanders as more and more people embrace organic farming and healthy eating choices.


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