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The many meanings of reach…

According to Merriam Webster “reach” can either be a transitive verb, or an intransitive verb.

Transitive Verb:

  1. To stretch out
  2. To touch or grasp by extending a part of the body
  3. To pick up and draw toward one
  4. To extend to
  5. To make an impression on

Like… extend, thrust, encompass, take

Intransitive Verb:

  1. To make a stretch with or as if with one’s hand
  2. To arrive at or come to something

Like… project, extend

Can also be used as a adjective, reachable, or a noun, reacher.

The Bahamas has adopted this term as the intransitive verb, when it implies to arrive or come to something. Of course islanders have to put a spin on a word to make it easier for them to spit out quickly.

Regular English: Morley has reached to the stadium to attend the basketball game.

Bahamian Dialect: Morley reach the stadium for the game.

There is no plural or past tense to this word in Bahamian dialect, which makes the word quick, snappy and simple to say when in celebration of something “reach”.


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