Happy Home Selling!

It’s the holiday season! There’s lots of joy, food, fun and family. Look at our checklist below if you’ve got your property on the market to make sure you alleviate any surprise or stress from this special season.

  • Speak to your real estate agent about days and times you know your property will be unavailable for showing. You don’t want to have your property shown on the day you’re preparing to host a Christmas get-together and it looks like a Kris Kringle cookie bomb went off in your kitchen.
  • Ask if your agent will be available during the holidays or might have someone covering for them if they’re going to be off the island. If they are travelling, ask them to have a back up plan. Touch base with you so you can make a quick connection BEFORE their request shows up in your voicemail or inbox.
  • If you are going to be out of town, make arrangements with your agent for being able to show your property, giving them the name, telephone number and email of your trusted contact or the location of your key.
  • Find that the best way for an agent to show your property, is it when no one is home and it is at its best? Sit down and talk to your out of town guests, teenagers, whoever might be under your roof, letting them know that you are selling your home and you would appreciate their cooperation and help if you get a request for a showing.   They’ll be prepared and glad to help.

Happy Home Selling!



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