How to Celebrate 70% of the Earth on Earth Day

Surround yourself with the ocean! Something here in The Bahamas we are very good at doing!



Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island

This island wonder is nestled within the shallow waters just west of Clarence Town. Dean’s Blue Hole is touted as the second deepest blue hole in the world and to dive in it is to experience magic. Completely circular, the transition from the aqua shallows to the deep dark blue creates a peaceful feeling whether snorkeling on its surface or standing on the cliffs looking from above. Suspended floating in the deep blue, there is quiet and mystery in this hidden gem. You might be lucky and find international free divers gathering there to break records or locals cannonballing off the cliff or dive platform into its perfect aqua circumference.   This spot should be on everyone’s Bahamian bucket list.



Glass Window Bridge, Eleuthera

Just north of Gregory Town on the long thin island of Eleuthera, is one of the narrowest places on Earth.   Once made out of only ocean rocks this bridge connects the northern part of Eleuthera to the rest of the 100+ miles of the island. Standing in the middle of the now man-made bridge, and looking north, are the aqua shallows of the Caribbean Sound on the left, and the deep, dark blues of the Atlantic on the right.  It’s the best of both worlds, where the same ocean, with two very different looks, connects. On a calm day both sides display their unruffled different shades of blue.   On a windy day, onlookers are blessed with the tranquil aqua sea meeting the dramatic white capped blues of the open Atlantic Ocean.   This dramatic and beautiful colour difference in the same ocean, is unique. It has to be seen.



Rachel’s Bubble Bath, Compass Cay, Exumas

Reachable by foot, Rachel’s Bubble Bath is on the Northern tip of Compass Cay.  The curly tailed lizards and long necked herons found on the path to this natural wonder make the trip there a pleasant stroll. One of the secrets to experiencing the best of the Bubble Bath is to go when the Atlantic Ocean has swells at high tide. As the waves crash into the honeycomb rock and roll into the lagoon it creates a blanket of bubbles on the top of the water.   When the waves are really roaring you can stay in the water, avoiding the rocks, and enjoy the best wave ride of your life.   It’s another simple island pleasure, a gift of the Earth, found only in our Bahamas.

Happy Earth Weekend!


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