Island Do’s of 2017

Whether you’ve lived on an island your whole life, or just moved to one, we want to suggest a few ways to enhance your island experience in 2017.    With the new year just starting, you might have already succumbed to the pressure of  “New Year, New Me” resolutions, that have at their root the desire to grow through education (schooling) and experiences (doing).   

Experts say, don’t try to do everything at once, so we’ve listed just a few ways, whether you’re an island lifer or just starting, that you can partake of some simple pleasures that will broaden your horizons, bring new friends, contribute to our community, and start your island memories. 

1.  Travel to an island of the Bahamas you have yet to explore.

Come on!    This could be as simple as boarding the boat at the Ferry Terminal on Paradise Island to head to Sandy Toes on Rose Island right off Nassau’s coast OR flying to our farthest island, Inagua, and looking for flamingoes. 

Island Do’s: Book your trip as far in advance as you can.   Airfare will be less costly, and it will give you more time to check out what’s available and get a few tips from someone who’s been there before.   Off season travel is often a favorite time for islanders, who really like to connect with their island neighbors.

2. Buy local souvenirs made on the island you’re visiting.   It’s also fun to meet the actual person who made the product and get their back story.   You’ll really be carrying home more than just a souvenir, it will be a memory.

Island Do’s:   Avoid “Made in China” products.  This will not only benefit the economy, but the
island people
who still practice crafts like straw plaiting, broom making, or basket weaving.   Going to that street straw shack or doing some research before might help find those hidden gems.

3. Learn a new watersport like surfing, skim boarding,  fly fishing or snorkeling.    Our islands are surrounded by water for a reason… FUN!

Island Do’s: Many islands serve as different platforms for unique watersports. The links below highlight a few:

Eleuthera and Abaco Surfing

Andros Bonefishing

4. Travel through chains of islands in an exploratory way.   Early islanders and even seafarers today, recognize unique features seen from the sea and use these to navigate their way through what the inexperienced would never recognize.  

Island Do’s:   Slow down and enjoy the views,  the peace and tranquility of being on the ocean with no agenda and all the time in the world. Some travel options listed below:

Boat 4 A Day 

Kayaking through archipelagos

 5. Get your Conch on!   Learn how to prepare conch salad, from shell to bowl.

Island Do’s
:   There is nothing like diving fresh conch and eating it that night for dinner. From scorch conch, to conch salad, to stew conch and cracked conch there are many ways to eat this Bahamian delicacy.

Conch 101

Now, take your pick.   If your focus for 2017 is to get  healthy, exercise more, travel more, broaden your circle of friends, or support an island community by turning strangers into friends, the Bahama islands are a great place to start.  

The Pineapple Post and Morley Realty Limited wish you a Bahamian gifted 2017.



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