January’s Word of the Month

January is known for cold fronts blowing through the Bahamas, sticking to new (or old) resolutions and recovering from all the boil fish and Johnny cake meals of the holiday season. “Biggety” being the word of the month this month, has encompassed how Bahamians get through the 31 days of January.

Currently defined as an adjective meaning bold, outspoken or even egotistical, this word has been around for many years in the islands. The origin of the word traces back to the Scottish language meaning wealthy, it then travelled across the pond and changed to “uppity” in southern United States, this word then came to the Bahamas as “biggety”.

This word can best be described by a Bahamian as conch slop that just won’t come off of your face after cleaning a conch, or the potcake that won’t leave you alone when you’re eating your conch snack on the side of the road during your lunch break. This word is relatable to someone that has a drive to either make or break your day, in normally a unique, loud and opinionated way.

Another recognizable use of the word around the Bahamas is the home goods company Biggity. Known for their candles, hot sauce and body butters, they are a modern Bahamian goods staple. Locally owned and operated Biggity wordplays with Bahamian sayings for their products. For example, some of their soy candles are named Sky Juice, Switcha and Rum Therapy. When asked why they named their company Biggity they said because they have “flavors that’s in your face”. Established in 2010 their store is now located on Bay Street.

The word is sometimes negatively known, but we would like to introduce the word’s definition as showing your true colors, not necessarily as being out of the ordinary.




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