May’s Word of the Month


So, you’ve just purchased your beautiful Bahamas home or condo and want to have a real Bahamian open house to celebrate with friends, family and your new neighbors.   There’s one type of person you should be on the lookout for and that brings us to our Word of the Month: Toter.

We use the term to describe a person who carries food away from parties they’re attending in a bag or tote. How can you tell a onetime toter from a true Toter?   A true Toter will not only bring their own bag, but will also bring their own tinfoil, Tupperware or Ziplocs to securely store the food they plan on carrying home!

KB and Sting, a famous Bahamian musical duo, wrote a song about this form of “carrying”.   Be on the lookout at the next party you attend for this Bahamian Word of the Month.

Take a Listen: Toters- Sting & KB



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