Mom & Pop Shops

Up and down through settlements and high trafficked roads in the Bahamas, there is what islanders call Mom and Pop shops, often referred to as petty shops.  They vary from small standalone buildings to front or side rooms on homes converted into shop space.   Some you can enter, others you stand at a window, ask for what you need, and it’s graciously handed out to you.

What can you find in a Mom and Pop store? Some sell meals, candy, tea, biscuits, newspapers, cigarettes, homemade bread and even local arts and crafts.   There’s glue, gum, shoelaces, and more.

There is a faded Caribbean pink Mom and Pop store on Village Road with its original sign still visible on the side of the building from the days when a phone number could be dialed using just five digits.

Another familiar shop can be found on Eastern Road.  This little hub of activity sells everything from over the counter medication for aches and pains to chewing gum and snacks.

Because every neighborhood needs one, the Mom and Pop store has changed little over the years. What Mom and Pop store is a neighborhood landmark where you live?



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