New Year, New Resolutions

The holidays are over.   If real estate factored into one or more of your New Year’s resolutions and you want to go from thought to action in 2017, here are some tips that you can discuss with your agent and incorporate quickly in the New Year.

1. Consider putting on the table that issue that probably makes you a little uncomfortable – listing price. Ask your agent about the Prospecting function under the Maintenance tab in the Bahamas MLS and how that can help determine a pricing plan on moving your exclusively listed property.   You might be surprised how even a small change in price can increase your market visibility.

2. Time to address those issues buyers or tenants have been expressing to your real estate agent like paint touch ups, broken fixtures, yard maintenance, or overgrown lots that can’t be seen in their entirety. If it has been mentioned, even once, potential buyers or tenants are likely thinking, “If that’s in plain sight and nothing has been done, what about things that can’t be seen?”   Take doubt off the table and get it done and let your agent know. It could make a bigger difference than you think.

3. If your agent has suggested some options to you that you haven’t wanted to consider, like an open house, or a sign in front of your property, think again.   That has been suggested for a reason so reconsider it.   It will expose your property to even more potential buyers or tenants making it likely to move even faster.

4. Looking to buy, either upsizing or downsizing?   Ask your real estate agent to set you up on the client list of the Bahamas MLS so you can start looking at available properties in your price range.   Oh, and about that price range?   Make an appointment with a mortgage officer at your bank to get yourself prequalified. It won’t take long and will allow you to pinpoint one of the most important factors in your new property search — price.

Here’s to a successful New Year in all your real estate related resolutions.   We’d like to help, so call us today.


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