Unique Wednesday Wisdom!

Today we would like to give you a little commercial wisdom from Morley Realty Property Management. We take pride in giving quality service to all of our clients, as that is what we have been doing for years.

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How to Celebrate 70% of the Earth on Earth Day

Surround yourself with the ocean! Something here in The Bahamas we are very good at doing!



Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island

This island wonder is nestled within the shallow waters just west of Clarence Town. Dean’s Blue Hole is touted as the second deepest blue hole in the world and to dive in it is to experience magic. Completely circular, the transition from the aqua shallows to the deep dark blue creates a peaceful feeling whether snorkeling on its surface or standing on the cliffs looking from above. Suspended floating in the deep blue, there is quiet and mystery in this hidden gem. You might be lucky and find international free divers gathering there to break records or locals cannonballing off the cliff or dive platform into its perfect aqua circumference.   This spot should be on everyone’s Bahamian bucket list.



Glass Window Bridge, Eleuthera

Just north of Gregory Town on the long thin island of Eleuthera, is one of the narrowest places on Earth.   Once made out of only ocean rocks this bridge connects the northern part of Eleuthera to the rest of the 100+ miles of the island. Standing in the middle of the now man-made bridge, and looking north, are the aqua shallows of the Caribbean Sound on the left, and the deep, dark blues of the Atlantic on the right.  It’s the best of both worlds, where the same ocean, with two very different looks, connects. On a calm day both sides display their unruffled different shades of blue.   On a windy day, onlookers are blessed with the tranquil aqua sea meeting the dramatic white capped blues of the open Atlantic Ocean.   This dramatic and beautiful colour difference in the same ocean, is unique. It has to be seen.



Rachel’s Bubble Bath, Compass Cay, Exumas

Reachable by foot, Rachel’s Bubble Bath is on the Northern tip of Compass Cay.  The curly tailed lizards and long necked herons found on the path to this natural wonder make the trip there a pleasant stroll. One of the secrets to experiencing the best of the Bubble Bath is to go when the Atlantic Ocean has swells at high tide. As the waves crash into the honeycomb rock and roll into the lagoon it creates a blanket of bubbles on the top of the water.   When the waves are really roaring you can stay in the water, avoiding the rocks, and enjoy the best wave ride of your life.   It’s another simple island pleasure, a gift of the Earth, found only in our Bahamas.

Happy Earth Weekend!


Pirates in Nassau

Pirates of Nassau Museum


When you visit The Pirates of Nassau exhibit in the square between King Street and George Street, you’ll find more than just a quaint lunch spot and an educational exhibit on pirates.   You’ll often see one in person!  This is the perfect first stop to learn the lingo, history, and pirate way of life that flourished in New Providence.

Pirate Republic Brewery 


As Governor of the Bahamas he may have banished pirates, but when you visit Woodes Rogers Walk, if you want to hoist a cold brew in his honour, the best place to do it at is the Pirate Republic Brewery.   Try one of their 5 brews anytime between 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.   Grab a quick  bite for lunch or dinner overlooking the busy Nassau Harbour,  and check with your server about a possible live band.

Blackbeard’s Tower


Heading East towards Fox Hill on the Eastern Road,  you’ll come across Black Beard’s Tower.    Tall and narrow, this tower provided a perfect vantage point for spotting the King’s ships entering the harbor.     This little known look out point was one of the reasons Blackbeard and other pirates were able to always be one step ahead of His Majesty’s men.


What is the Bahamas MLS?

A Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a centralized database software tool that is used by real estate brokers and salespersons all over the world. Its main purpose is to exclusively list and cooperatively market residential and commercial properties for sale and or lease.

This system was introduced to The Bahamas many years ago and is now the primary way for property to be marketed and sold in the Bahamas.   With buyers increasingly turning to the internet to find their ideal property, virtually all licensed members can cooperatively advertise exclusively listed properties to their customers and clients.

How the MLS can benefit you if you’re:

  1. Selling your property: Your BREA licensed agent will list your property and add it to the MLS, allowing hundreds of real estate agents to market your property to potential buyers or tenants, while you only have to deal with ONE person- your trusted agent.
  1. Buying a property: The MLS allows you to view ALL the exclusively listed properties in the Bahamas in one place.    Choose an agent you trust to arrange appointments to see all the properties on your dream list.
  1. In need of an Appraisal: When your appraiser is a member of the MLS, they can see when and at what price properties in your area sold for, allowing them to realistically determine the market value of your property.
  1. Looking for a licensed real estate professional:   Only licensed members of the Bahamas Real Estate Association can become members of the MLS.

Curious about what is exclusively listed on every island in the Bahamas?   Visit

Bahamas MLS today.


Mom & Pop Shops

Up and down through settlements and high trafficked roads in the Bahamas, there is what islanders call Mom and Pop shops, often referred to as petty shops.  They vary from small standalone buildings to front or side rooms on homes converted into shop space.   Some you can enter, others you stand at a window, ask for what you need, and it’s graciously handed out to you.

What can you find in a Mom and Pop store? Some sell meals, candy, tea, biscuits, newspapers, cigarettes, homemade bread and even local arts and crafts.   There’s glue, gum, shoelaces, and more.

There is a faded Caribbean pink Mom and Pop store on Village Road with its original sign still visible on the side of the building from the days when a phone number could be dialed using just five digits.

Another familiar shop can be found on Eastern Road.  This little hub of activity sells everything from over the counter medication for aches and pains to chewing gum and snacks.

Because every neighborhood needs one, the Mom and Pop store has changed little over the years. What Mom and Pop store is a neighborhood landmark where you live?



Is It Time?

Real estate agents are continually asked one question over and over, “What’s the market like?” Due to lower interest rates on mortgages, the real estate market is picking up.   It’s a great time to consider purchasing as opposed to renting.

Would you qualify and what might be the terms and conditions and any additional costs?     Don’t just check out one, check out all the commercial banks. Maybe one may have a little higher rate of interest, but it’s less money down. That may be worth it to you to get into your own home. What to ask about?

  • What is your current rate of interest on mortgages?
  • What percentage do you require as an earnest money deposit?
  • Is there any penalty for paying this off early?
  • What might be the longest term I could get at my age?
  • Can I use my own insurance company to insure the property once I have a mortgage?
  • Are there any fees the bank charges other than my mortgage payment that I would receive monthly?
  • Is there an approval charge for receiving a mortgage from your bank?

Make a little chart and compare each one and weigh the differences. Also, remember, ask, ask, and ask. If the mortgage officer tells you something, keep asking questions. For instance, if the officer tells you that 20% down is required, ask a question like, is there any way that you would accept less?   Keep asking questions.

Find an amortization chart on the internet like this one http://www.amortization-calc.com/ then put in your property price and the different rates of interest offered to see exactly what you’ll be paying monthly and even over the term of the entire loan.

When you’re ready to search for a property, browse this site www.morleyrealty.com !   Then reach out to us. We can help narrow your search and find your new home.

Here are a few commercial bank links here in the Bahamas to get you started in making your dream come true.

Mortgage Content

Real Estate Content


RBC Royal Bank

Family Guardian


April’s Word of the Month

When public bus rides were first introduced, they cost a nickel.   At the time, jitney was the slang word for nickel, and soon everyone was calling the bus a jitney.

Everyone from tourists to school children can be seen on the jitneys that travel through New Providence.   Although each jitney has defined routes and stops as determined by the Road Traffic Department, sympathetic drivers will often stop when passengers see a friend walking, or missed the scheduled stop, or need to just rush in and drop something somewhere and then get back on the bus.   Passengers usually don’t mind because you never know when you might need a favor like this yourself.

The number on the back of the bus determines where it’s scheduled to go. Check out Road Traffic’s list of numbers and their corresponding routes in this link.     For a little island experience, next time try a jitney!

Nassau Jitney Routes





Driftwood Finds

It’s said that we have 700 islands in the Bahamas but no one has every counted how many beaches we have.   The more deserted the beach, the more likely a beachcomber is to find an endless variety of material for this month’s Mailboat Must-Have; driftwood.

Whether its frames, lamps, figurines, furniture, wind chimes, or just a sculptural piece kept for its interesting shape, driftwood items adorn homes throughout the Bahamas.

Whether you want to make your own or purchase for a gift, these naturally sun kissed and salt treated treasures are a perfect reminder of our beautiful Bahamian shores.

Driftwood framed mirrors: Driftwood Mirrors by Shelly Lightbourn. Shelly collects driftwood throughout the Bahamas and patiently puts together each frame around her handcrafted treasures.



Driftwood Gifts: Visit Bahamas Art and Handicraft on Shirley Street for creative driftwood decorations, furniture and gifts.


Holiday Remembrances: Craft your own creative sculptures from beach finds on your next Out Island holiday. Guess which Morley Realty member did this beach bird.


Get Started: Here are a few more ideas to unleash your creativity on this month’s Mailboat Must-Have Driftwood. Enjoy!

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Real Estate Wisdom


Real estate agents are often asked if they can supply a plot plan or a survey plan of a property. Although those terms are often used interchangeably, the two are different, so be sure you are asking for what you need.


A plot plan shows the proposed or existing use of a piece of property (so it might have little building shapes drawn on it).  Below, a visual for reference.




A survey plan would be a drawing showing the measurements and the area of a piece of land.   For instance 100’ x 200’ , 20,000 square feet or 0.459 acre. Below is an example of a survey plan.