Wednesday Wisdom for Landlords!

5 Tips For Residential Landlords

  1. Establish a clear, fair system of setting, collecting, holding and returning security deposits.   When you inspect and document the property before the tenant moves in, and clearly let the tenant know, it will avoid issues when the tenant moves out.
  2. Stay on top of repairs and maintenance and do the work when the tenant requests.   If you don’t, you’ll alienate good tenants.   Most leases say that your responsibility as a landlord is to keep the property in good and tenantable condition, so honour that clause or you may lose a tenant.
  3. Respect the tenant’s privacy according to the terms of the lease.   Give tenants notice before you visit or want to enter the property.
  4. Try to resolve disputes with your tenants without using attorneys.   Meet with the tenant over issues that may come up to see if you can resolve the issue informally first.   If that doesn’t work, try a neutral third party next.
  5. Let the tenant know what your insurance covers on the property. Is it just the exterior of the building?   Do you have coverage for a water heater leaking and damaging contents?   Be clear, so the tenant will know what they may have to do in terms of their own insurance coverage.


Lionfish: Small and (Not So) Deadly

This unique looking fish is small with radiant and venomous spikes.   The lion fish has been in Bahamian waters with an occasional sighting on a reef here or there in the early 1980’s, to today having become an occupying predator.   With no natural enemies, they have made themselves at home, munching their way through our Bahamian grouper, snapper, grunt, crab and conch population.


The rumor is they were released from an aquarium off the Florida Coast and gradually drifted across the Gulf to invade the warm waters of the Bahamas, but it doesn’t matter.   However they have gotten here, it appears they are here to stay.   Originally speared by locals just to get them off the reef, they have now become a food item on menus around town, with lionfish tacos being a favourite.


If you would like to partake in diminishing the lionfish population in The Bahamas, you can do your patriotic duty by entering the 8th Green Turtle Cay Lionfish Derby happening on June 23rd and 24th! Teams of four can enter in the fishing tournament and hunt for the lionfish during the selected hours of “play”. Once the day is over the lionfish will be brought back to the marina, delicately filleted, and cooked for the participants and their guests. Winners will be selected based on Most Fish, Most Fish in Foreign Boat and Best Lady Angler.

Though these animals gorgeously float along the reefs looking like small underwater dragons, they are dangerous to our ecosystem. You can help the cause, and have a delicious dinner, by entering local tournaments like the one described above.   Happy hunting.   Our Nassau grouper thanks you.


Unique Wednesday Wisdom!

Today we would like to give you a little commercial wisdom from Morley Realty Property Management. We take pride in giving quality service to all of our clients, as that is what we have been doing for years.

Check out our video about Morley Realty Property Management filmed and produced by Jiggy Productions, a local production company owned by Kyle Ferguson!


How to Celebrate 70% of the Earth on Earth Day

Surround yourself with the ocean! Something here in The Bahamas we are very good at doing!



Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island

This island wonder is nestled within the shallow waters just west of Clarence Town. Dean’s Blue Hole is touted as the second deepest blue hole in the world and to dive in it is to experience magic. Completely circular, the transition from the aqua shallows to the deep dark blue creates a peaceful feeling whether snorkeling on its surface or standing on the cliffs looking from above. Suspended floating in the deep blue, there is quiet and mystery in this hidden gem. You might be lucky and find international free divers gathering there to break records or locals cannonballing off the cliff or dive platform into its perfect aqua circumference.   This spot should be on everyone’s Bahamian bucket list.



Glass Window Bridge, Eleuthera

Just north of Gregory Town on the long thin island of Eleuthera, is one of the narrowest places on Earth.   Once made out of only ocean rocks this bridge connects the northern part of Eleuthera to the rest of the 100+ miles of the island. Standing in the middle of the now man-made bridge, and looking north, are the aqua shallows of the Caribbean Sound on the left, and the deep, dark blues of the Atlantic on the right.  It’s the best of both worlds, where the same ocean, with two very different looks, connects. On a calm day both sides display their unruffled different shades of blue.   On a windy day, onlookers are blessed with the tranquil aqua sea meeting the dramatic white capped blues of the open Atlantic Ocean.   This dramatic and beautiful colour difference in the same ocean, is unique. It has to be seen.



Rachel’s Bubble Bath, Compass Cay, Exumas

Reachable by foot, Rachel’s Bubble Bath is on the Northern tip of Compass Cay.  The curly tailed lizards and long necked herons found on the path to this natural wonder make the trip there a pleasant stroll. One of the secrets to experiencing the best of the Bubble Bath is to go when the Atlantic Ocean has swells at high tide. As the waves crash into the honeycomb rock and roll into the lagoon it creates a blanket of bubbles on the top of the water.   When the waves are really roaring you can stay in the water, avoiding the rocks, and enjoy the best wave ride of your life.   It’s another simple island pleasure, a gift of the Earth, found only in our Bahamas.

Happy Earth Weekend!


Pirates in Nassau

Pirates of Nassau Museum


When you visit The Pirates of Nassau exhibit in the square between King Street and George Street, you’ll find more than just a quaint lunch spot and an educational exhibit on pirates.   You’ll often see one in person!  This is the perfect first stop to learn the lingo, history, and pirate way of life that flourished in New Providence.

Pirate Republic Brewery 


As Governor of the Bahamas he may have banished pirates, but when you visit Woodes Rogers Walk, if you want to hoist a cold brew in his honour, the best place to do it at is the Pirate Republic Brewery.   Try one of their 5 brews anytime between 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.   Grab a quick  bite for lunch or dinner overlooking the busy Nassau Harbour,  and check with your server about a possible live band.

Blackbeard’s Tower


Heading East towards Fox Hill on the Eastern Road,  you’ll come across Black Beard’s Tower.    Tall and narrow, this tower provided a perfect vantage point for spotting the King’s ships entering the harbor.     This little known look out point was one of the reasons Blackbeard and other pirates were able to always be one step ahead of His Majesty’s men.


What is the Bahamas MLS?

A Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a centralized database software tool that is used by real estate brokers and salespersons all over the world. Its main purpose is to exclusively list and cooperatively market residential and commercial properties for sale and or lease.

This system was introduced to The Bahamas many years ago and is now the primary way for property to be marketed and sold in the Bahamas.   With buyers increasingly turning to the internet to find their ideal property, virtually all licensed members can cooperatively advertise exclusively listed properties to their customers and clients.

How the MLS can benefit you if you’re:

  1. Selling your property: Your BREA licensed agent will list your property and add it to the MLS, allowing hundreds of real estate agents to market your property to potential buyers or tenants, while you only have to deal with ONE person- your trusted agent.
  1. Buying a property: The MLS allows you to view ALL the exclusively listed properties in the Bahamas in one place.    Choose an agent you trust to arrange appointments to see all the properties on your dream list.
  1. In need of an Appraisal: When your appraiser is a member of the MLS, they can see when and at what price properties in your area sold for, allowing them to realistically determine the market value of your property.
  1. Looking for a licensed real estate professional:   Only licensed members of the Bahamas Real Estate Association can become members of the MLS.

Curious about what is exclusively listed on every island in the Bahamas?   Visit

Bahamas MLS today.