Pirates in Nassau

Pirates of Nassau Museum


When you visit The Pirates of Nassau exhibit in the square between King Street and George Street, you’ll find more than just a quaint lunch spot and an educational exhibit on pirates.   You’ll often see one in person!  This is the perfect first stop to learn the lingo, history, and pirate way of life that flourished in New Providence.

Pirate Republic Brewery 


As Governor of the Bahamas he may have banished pirates, but when you visit Woodes Rogers Walk, if you want to hoist a cold brew in his honour, the best place to do it at is the Pirate Republic Brewery.   Try one of their 5 brews anytime between 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.   Grab a quick  bite for lunch or dinner overlooking the busy Nassau Harbour,  and check with your server about a possible live band.

Blackbeard’s Tower


Heading East towards Fox Hill on the Eastern Road,  you’ll come across Black Beard’s Tower.    Tall and narrow, this tower provided a perfect vantage point for spotting the King’s ships entering the harbor.     This little known look out point was one of the reasons Blackbeard and other pirates were able to always be one step ahead of His Majesty’s men.


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