Property Management Wisdom

You decided this year would be the year to open that business you’ve been dreaming of. You have found that perfect place to rent. You choose the layout of the space, colors for the interior/exterior and purchased the most unique outdoor light fixtures.

Scenario one, renovation starts and the Property Manager (PM) passes by only to see that you’ve started to paint the exterior wall and removed two of the light fixtures. The PM then informs you that your Agreement does not allow you to make these changes.

Scenario two, you have been renting for a long time now without a threat of a Hurricane; this weekend a Hurricane is approaching and you want to secure your space. You call the PM and ask if you can install shutters. The PM advises you that the property has shutters that will be installed in the next few days. However the early installation of shutters could hamper potential sales.

The moral of the story is to know your rights as, a renter and run everything by your PM. Trust that your PM knows the ins and outs of making sure that your property is safe and maintained well. Anything and everything should be run through them, and even if you’re not sure that if you need to tell them, your answer is probably located in the rental agreement.


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