Residential Wednesday Wisdom


Why buy? Why not just rent?

The first and most obvious reason is that you are investing in yourself, building equity in your own property, not someone else’s.  Your monthly mortgage payments are doing two things; a) building your credit rating and b) putting money into your home creating the possibility that those payments can become collateral for a future loan.

Secondly, stability! It is your property and it’s not going anywhere. You have a chance to build your life and raise your family without being subject to what someone else wants to do with their property, like terminate your lease or raise your rent.   Furthermore, you get to know the neighborhood, settle in and make lifelong contacts, friends and even business associates.

Finally, it is your property, so there is the potential for an income to be attained.  If you decide not to live there anymore, you can lease it, realizing a monthly income.   Or you can sell it at an appreciated price, realizing a profit that could fund your retirement or be used to purchase another property that suits your needs.

If buying makes more sense to you, call us today and let us help you build your future.




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