January’s Pineapples

Though January is over, we hope our feature the #PineappleTuesday on Instagram is still making your Tuesdays a little sweeter.

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Thank you for your continuous following and support. We hope we have been a great insight to what it is like to live in the Bahamas.



December’s Pineapple Pickin’s

This month’s pineapples have been spotted all around the islands of the Bahamas through this colder and blustier month of December. Check them out on our Instagram account @morleyrealtyltd

If you would like to submit a pineapple picture please directly message our Instagram account, or email the photo to morleyrealty@morleyrealty.com

Happy New Year of Pineapple Pickin’s everyone!

November’s Fresh Pickin’s

Every week Morley Realty likes to play up the pineapple on our social media accounts, a feature we call #PineappleTuesday.

Ananas comosus, the pineapple, is a traditional welcome sign throughout the islands. Posted on gates, resting at front doors and featured as tabletop décor for lazy afternoon lunches or even more formal dinners, this fruit is a sign any visitor will be received with open doors and warm welcomes. That’s just how we like to treat our clients and customers whether they are looking for an island home or a place for business.

This month’s #PineappleTuesday fresh pickin’s are found all over the Bahamas, from Eleuthera and Abaco, to our capital, Nassau. We welcome you to the Bahamas, with our display of pineapples, and hope to show you what our beautiful country as to offer.