Transforming Spaces Art Tour

If you are a culture lover and want to get a great taste of Bahamian fine art, music and performance, then you should sign up for the upcoming Transforming Spaces Art Tour event. Happening over the span of two days (April 1-2) one will get a great taste of Bahamian culture and art. The Bahamas Experience bus tours will be taking the group around to the designated art galleries and showcasing software transforming spaces .


This experience started in 2004 when Jackson Burnside III, John Cox, Antonius Roberts, Tyrone Ferguson, Jay Koment and Erica James wanted to create an awareness and exposure to the diversity and creativity in The Bahamas. This year will be the 13th year of the art tour, and many locations have joined in to add some Bahamian flare to the two days. There is never any overall theme, but a theme per location, based on the artists showing their pieces.


Some spaces and their themes that will be featured in this year’s Transforming Spaces art tour will be:

D’Aguilar Art Foundation- “The Art of Losing”, a combination of their artist’s work.

Hillside House- Art by the owner Antonius Roberts, as well as other artists and students from University of The Bahamas.

Doongalik Studios Art Gallery- “Inside/Outside Naturally”. Named after how the exhibit will be placed at the location.

National Art Gallery of the Bahamas- “Revisiting the Eye for the Tropics”. This exhibit reflects the colonial gaze, as well as the post- colonial island lifestyle of the Bahamas.

New Providence Art & Antiques- “In The Beginning: Sketch and Build”. This is based on original sketches of Genesis Junkanoo Organization’s 2016 season.

Popopstudios- “Popop Forever”. This exhibit is a tribute to the damages and set backs of Hurricane Matthew last year.


At Morley Realty we cherish our Bahamian culture, included the fine arts that have evolved through the many years of history within our 700 islands. We hope that you and yours can hop on the Transforming Spaces bus to experience this annual treasure. Tickets are sold on their website, but registration closes soon so be sure to get your spot while they’re still available.


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