Sustaining the Ceiling of the Ocean

A hidden gem found off the western coast of New Providence actually sits a couple feet underwater, invisible to those standing on land. Commissioned by B.R.E.E.F (Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation), an underwater sanctuary was built by the artist, sculptor, and environmental activist, Jason deCaires Taylor and installed in October 2014.   It was christened the “Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Garden”, in memory of one of B.R.E.E.F.’s beloved and active Bahamian founders.


The young Bahamian woman that the sculpture represents is named after the Ancient Greek god Titan Atlas who holds the world on his back. “Ocean Atlas” is crouched over, similar to Titan’s posture, but instead of holding the world on her shoulder, she looks to be holding the ceiling of the ocean up, sustaining it’s levels. This sculpture is a specific calling to the younger generation who carry the environmental burden of our ocean’s health on their shoulders.ocean-atlas

The link below shows how Bahamians and the artist put the sculpture together in 2014:

Putting together Ocean Atlas

The 60 ton Ocean Atlas is composed of ecofriendly nontoxic, marine grade, and pH neutral concrete; ideal for attracting coral reef molecules and custom made to become a refuge for a diverse variety of marine life.   Every visit to her crouched elegance shows more and more nooks and crannies on Ocean Atlas’s towering form filling with fish and ocean animals.

The sculpture was deliberately placed away from reef clusters solely for the purpose of
creating new environments for marine animals, as well as to keep tourists away from the endangered and fragile natural reefs.  This unique sculpture joins the many underwater museums and sculpture parks that Jason has created around the world.

Currently this is the world’s largest single underwater sculpture and a unique tourist attraction for adventurers looking for hidden wonders off well-travelled paths.   Snorkelers and swimmers are stunned into silence by the tremendous statement of this unexpected towering girl struggling to hold the ocean’s surface.   Whether you’re visiting from afar or live here year round, we encourage you to visit this rare piece of art.


All information and content is from Jason deCaires Taylor’s website

Learn more about B.R.E.E.

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