We Reach!

We created this modern day “letter” because we wanted to share with you, not just our Bahamian real estate knowledge that spans generations, but also have some fun letting you know what it’s like for us to live and work here. From our delicious food to some of our quirky customs, we want this to be your go-to guide.  We hope you view The Pineapple Post in your inbox much like Bahamian out islanders still view the mail boats that travel weekly to their islands; a great source of news, information, a little bit of excitement and a chance to get together.

The Bahamas is one country made up of about 700 islands and cays.  There are a lot of similarities and some total differences throughout them all.   We’re excited that you’re joining us here while we showcase what we love about our Bahamas and also offer you our knowledge and experience so you can find your home in the most beautiful country in the world.  Just like a good friend, sometimes we’re going to be serious and factual, and sometimes we’re just going to have fun.

We want you to enjoy our posts, learn more about real estate here and come to treasure our Bahamas as much as we do.   Whether you’re just thinking of the Bahamas as your new home or you’ve lived here all your life, please feel free to comment, ask questions, or let us know what you want to know more about.    Lasting relationships are built around shared experiences and we’re delighted to share with you and invite you to share with us.

We know you’ve heard islanders say, “You can’t go back somewhere you haven’t been”, so come along with us and we’ll take you there.


Featured Photo Graphic: Shannon Bruce, Featured Photo by: Patty Birch

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