Wednesday Wisdom!

Here are the guidelines to a great apartment showing:

1.With reasonable notice, please make your home accessible for the agent and prospective showings.

2. A Company Agent or Assistant will be calling to:

    1. Schedule an appointment for themselves.
    2. Schedule an appointment for another agent in our Company.
    3. Schedule an appointment for another co-operating agent.

3. Prior to the appointment, open draperies, blinds, etc., turn on all of the interior lights (and exterior lights if it is after dusk), and tidy up the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.

4. Vacating the home is the ideal situation for the demonstration of your property. Whenever possible, do not stay in your house with the prospective buyers during showings or, have as few people as possible in the house during showings. The potential buyers may feel like intruders in your home, rather than prospective buyers.

If you are present during showings, please stay in the background when the buyers are in your home. The agent knows the buyer’s needs and desires, and can better emphasize those features of your home when you are not present. If there are any questions, the agent will find you if you are needed.

Have confidence in our sales agents! Let him or her do their job without interference to bring negotiations to a satisfactory conclusion on your behalf.


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