What is the Bahamas MLS?

A Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a centralized database software tool that is used by real estate brokers and salespersons all over the world. Its main purpose is to exclusively list and cooperatively market residential and commercial properties for sale and or lease.

This system was introduced to The Bahamas many years ago and is now the primary way for property to be marketed and sold in the Bahamas.   With buyers increasingly turning to the internet to find their ideal property, virtually all licensed members can cooperatively advertise exclusively listed properties to their customers and clients.

How the MLS can benefit you if you’re:

  1. Selling your property: Your BREA licensed agent will list your property and add it to the MLS, allowing hundreds of real estate agents to market your property to potential buyers or tenants, while you only have to deal with ONE person- your trusted agent.
  1. Buying a property: The MLS allows you to view ALL the exclusively listed properties in the Bahamas in one place.    Choose an agent you trust to arrange appointments to see all the properties on your dream list.
  1. In need of an Appraisal: When your appraiser is a member of the MLS, they can see when and at what price properties in your area sold for, allowing them to realistically determine the market value of your property.
  1. Looking for a licensed real estate professional:   Only licensed members of the Bahamas Real Estate Association can become members of the MLS.

Curious about what is exclusively listed on every island in the Bahamas?   Visit

Bahamas MLS today.


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